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Get WorkSmart – a free productivity application to improve your health while working

Friday, August 6th, 2010

Do you ever feel tired in your shoulders, neck or back when working many hours in front of the computer? Well, you are not the only one.

At Web Responsive we want to help you feel better in the end of the day, so we have developed an application specifically to improve your body posture with an exercise and stretching program particularly targeted at your back, shoulders, neck and wrists.

The application uses the Pomodoro technique to help you increase your productivity while suggesting varied exercises and stretches in each pause.

It is simple, fun to use and unobtrusive. Here is an example of the application running:

WorkSmart is completely free and runs on Windows and Mac.

Download WorkSmart here.

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Focus Booster + Small effort = productivity boost

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Its interesting to see that even a tiny application can actually significantly help your daily productivity.

Human beings typically have a attention/focus span of less than 20 minutes. This gets even worse in todays live streaming Internet content. Basically we are bombarded with emails, chat messages, forum updates, client calls, Internet jokes, etc. throughout our work day. This gets even worse if you work in “open space” environment, where disturbances can become very frequent (the “open space” vs offices discussion is another, but longer discussion).

However I found this little AIR application: Focus Booster that uses the Pomodoro Technique which actually does nothing more than time 25 min. intervals and 5 minute breaks. The intervals can be configured for your personal preference. Using it does make me more productive or at least feel more productive. Furthermore it is very interesting to see how much you actually are focused during a normal work day!

Using the Pomodoro Technique also fits really good into an Agile development, like Scrum.

We all work differently, so it is important to find the tool/work method that helps you be more productive.

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