Joomla and Flex

At Web Responsive we take great pride in being masters of integration. Basically we love to join different technologies and let them play together.

Our latest experiment involved joining two rather different technologies: Joomla and Flex.

Using these two technologies we created a rich desktop (AIR) application, that facilitates the management of your media library on a Joomla site. One big advantage is that you can directly drag pictures from the desktop into the application and they will be automatically uploaded. Furthermore you don’t have to write the login information, every time you want to upload pictures to your Joomla site, since the login information for various sites, is stored directly in your AIR application.

To handle the communication between Flex and Joomla we used the open source library: J-AMFPHP

This library hasn’t been touched for a couple of years, so it needs a few changes to run smoothly.

Lastly, since the AIR application is dependent on a Joomla extension, to be able to communicate with a Joomla site, we build an FTP connection into the AIR application. This FTP connection made it possible to install the needed Joomla extension effortlessly on the Joomla site, from the application itself. The only thing needed is to configure the FTP connection for the site in the application.

The Flex FTP connection was made with the great open source library: FlexFTP which had to be a bit extended for this particular application.

All in all, 4 different open source solutions: Flex, Joomla, J-AMFPHP and FlexFTP were combined to make the application run.

You can get a free limited version of the application here: JEPUM Limited

The possibilities for other types of applications joining these technologies are endless. Let us know of your ideas.

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