BlazeDS and Weborb

In the last few projects we have been working on, I had the chance to work on two competing Flex messaging technologies: BlazeDS and Weborb.

Here are a few of my observations and comparisons:

Weborb returns Array, while BlazeDS returns ArrayCollection, when returning a List (from Java).

Weborb seems to need less configuration than BlazeDS, while BlazeDS is more strict. For example, in Weborb we can use the GenericDestination and it will catch all requests for services, while BlazeDS needs a configuration for each service in the remoting-config.xml like this:

    <destination id="applicationService">
            <channel ref="normal-amf"/>

BlazeDS has infinite more online documentation, while Weborb relies on paid support from Midnight Coders.

BlazeDS has better (easier to control) logging:

Place the following inside: WEB-INF/flex/services-config.xml

        <target class="flex.messaging.log.ConsoleTarget" level="Debug">

A little hint with BlazeDS: DON’T add remoting-config.xml and messaging-config.xml on the backend. It will only give problems!

BlazeDS has what I consider a huge bug when serializing/converting a Number with the value NaN to a Java value. Basically NaN is converted to 0, instead of null. This can break code that relies on null values, which is very commonplace in backend programming.

Luckily the guys at Farata has a couple of solutions for this.

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4 Responses to “BlazeDS and Weborb”

  1. Mark Piller says:

    Thank you for your post. I’d like to correct a few things. WebORB *does* include documentation and no one is forced to purchase support. I agree the documentation is not perfect, but we’re working on making major improvements there. Also, WebORB logging is not any less flexible than the one in BlazeDS. Finally, a better comparison would be between WebORB and LCDS for the reason that WebORB provides support for all the same features one would find in LCDS, including remoting, data management, messaging. It also includes video streaming and recording a bunch of code generators and very powerful management console. To top this, the product is available for free for commercial deployments in the form of the community edition. You can apply for a license at:


  2. admin says:

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for your comment. First of all, my little “comparison” are more just some comments/thoughts I had while using the products and should not in any way be taken as a serious comparison.

    And you are right, that any comparison should be between Weborb and LCDS.

    In regards to the documentation, it is true that some notes did come with Weborb (and I am speaking about the time that I used it, which is more than 6 months ago), but it was very superficial and lacking. But the biggest problem with documentation is if you do a search on the Internet, where BlazeDS has a lot more examples.

    The management console was also very cool indeed.

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