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WorkSmart 2.0 released, with integrated time tracking and task management

Monday, October 4th, 2010

We are happy to announce that WorkSmart 2.0 has been released by Web Responsive.

We have added some great features to improve your productivity while staying healthy.

The following features have been added:

  • Management of tasks (which belongs to projects)
  • Tracking of spent Pomodoros on each task
  • Overview of finished tasks with filtering
  • Graph of tasks showing estimated and actual spent Pomodoros

These new features will help you measure your productivity and improve your project time estimation.

Get WorkSmart 2.0 here

Suggestions and feedback are always welcome.

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Joomla and Flex

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010

At Web Responsive we take great pride in being masters of integration. Basically we love to join different technologies and let them play together.

Our latest experiment involved joining two rather different technologies: Joomla and Flex.

Using these two technologies we created a rich desktop (AIR) application, that facilitates the management of your media library on a Joomla site. One big advantage is that you can directly drag pictures from the desktop into the application and they will be automatically uploaded. Furthermore you don’t have to write the login information, every time you want to upload pictures to your Joomla site, since the login information for various sites, is stored directly in your AIR application.

To handle the communication between Flex and Joomla we used the open source library: J-AMFPHP

This library hasn’t been touched for a couple of years, so it needs a few changes to run smoothly.

Lastly, since the AIR application is dependent on a Joomla extension, to be able to communicate with a Joomla site, we build an FTP connection into the AIR application. This FTP connection made it possible to install the needed Joomla extension effortlessly on the Joomla site, from the application itself. The only thing needed is to configure the FTP connection for the site in the application.

The Flex FTP connection was made with the great open source library: FlexFTP which had to be a bit extended for this particular application.

All in all, 4 different open source solutions: Flex, Joomla, J-AMFPHP and FlexFTP were combined to make the application run.

You can get a free limited version of the application here: JEPUM Limited

The possibilities for other types of applications joining these technologies are endless. Let us know of your ideas.

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Free Facebook Manager application launched

Friday, July 9th, 2010

Web Responsive launches yet another small application that we provide for free.

This is an updated/extended version of the simple Facebook Picture Uploader and is the limited version of the yet to come pro Facebook Manager application.

It provides the following core functionality:

  • Easy drag-n-drop of pictures from your desktop to the application
  • View all images present on your facebook
  • Multi picture uploading to specific albums on your Facebook profile
  • Multi picture deletion
  • View of pages which is administered by logged in user and their albums
  • Inserting comments on each picture
  • Creation of new Facebook picture albums

Here is a screenshot of the application running:

Facebook Manager Limited

You can get the application here: Facebook Manager Limited

Any critics/comments are very welcome.

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Free Joomla Picture Uploader application launched

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

Web Responsive is proud to announce a free version of our Joomla Picture Uploader.

Here is a screenshot of the application running:

This little application makes it really easy to upload pictures to your Joomla Media Manager. Once configured, the application will automatically log you in to your Joomla site, without the need to go to the backoffice and log in. You can immediately drag pictures from your desktop to upload them into your media manager.

Go get the JEPUM Limited here.

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JEPUM – Joomla Easy Picture Uploader and Manager Flex/AIR application launched.

Thursday, July 1st, 2010

Web Responsive proudly announces the release of JEPUM – Joomla Easy Picture Uploader and Manager.

This handy little application can help you increase your productivity in maintaining your pictures on your Joomla site.

We offer a promotional price of only 12 USD for the first 10 copies sold.

You can buy the application here: JEPUM – Joomla Easy Picture Uploader and Manager

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Focus Booster + Small effort = productivity boost

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

Its interesting to see that even a tiny application can actually significantly help your daily productivity.

Human beings typically have a attention/focus span of less than 20 minutes. This gets even worse in todays live streaming Internet content. Basically we are bombarded with emails, chat messages, forum updates, client calls, Internet jokes, etc. throughout our work day. This gets even worse if you work in “open space” environment, where disturbances can become very frequent (the “open space” vs offices discussion is another, but longer discussion).

However I found this little AIR application: Focus Booster that uses the Pomodoro Technique which actually does nothing more than time 25 min. intervals and 5 minute breaks. The intervals can be configured for your personal preference. Using it does make me more productive or at least feel more productive. Furthermore it is very interesting to see how much you actually are focused during a normal work day!

Using the Pomodoro Technique also fits really good into an Agile development, like Scrum.

We all work differently, so it is important to find the tool/work method that helps you be more productive.

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