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FlexMonkey 1.0 GA released!

Sunday, March 21st, 2010

Great news for testing your Flex/Flash projects.

The guys over at Gorilla Logic has just released a tool that might revolutionize Flex/Flash testing of applications: FlexMonkey 1.0 GA

We have had Unit testing for Flash and Flex for a long time and I am sure it is used here and there, but for sure very sporadically, because, lets face it, Flash/Flex applications are just not easily unit tested in the traditional way.

Just the fact that most operations are based on human interactions and events, make it hard to split things up in small bits and test.

There is a need for a different approach. This is recognized by the Gorilla Logic guys who now has a product ready. Basically, instead of testing from “inside out” (testing smaller functional parts of the code), they approach it with an “outside in” (testing the application through the user interface).

Thus using FlexMonkey in combination with Unit testing it is easier to test the complete functionality of the application..

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