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JEPUM integrates automatically with Joomla! Ozio Gallery 2

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

Here is a short video that shows JEPUM – Joomla Easy Picture Uploader and Manager integrate with the Joomla! Ozio Gallery.

No need for any special configuration to make it work with Ozio Gallery, just start JEPUM, select the Joomla! site with the Ozio Gallery installed and upload pictures to /stories/Gallery. When you refresh your Joomla! site the pictures are already showing in the Ozio Gallery.

Easier updating of an online gallery is not possible ;)

JEPUM is built to integrate with galleries and other types of Joomla! components. If you have any suggestions/ideas for integration with a Joomla! component, please don’t hesitate in telling us. We love to be challenged and benefit from these great technologies.

The latest version of JEPUM has improved performance and stability and also makes it possible to connect to Joomla! sites running on your localhost, so you can test the JEPUM integration, before using it on a production site.

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