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Stay critical to your darling tools

Friday, March 19th, 2010

As a developer I like to learn about all new Internet technologies being born and embrace the ones I think will benefit my skills. But it is always a balance between dominating a few and adding the best ones to your arsenal, as there are too many to rule them all.

Our main tools at Web Responsive for daily development are Flex and Java and we love them both. But we don’t love them unconditionally. They have to deserve our love. So we are the first to criticize when problems show.

Our main goal is to be productive perfectionist, which is a difficult combination. It basically means we need tools that solve problems in the most easy and simple, yet powerful way.

If we stay focused on one technology without comparing with all the other technologies, we end up being blind to its faults.

What all this comes down to is that, though we do most development with Flex and Java, we embrace when other projects with needs of different technologies come along, say with PHP, HTML and AJAX.

These projects gives us a perfect opportunity to see how far the competing technologies have come and how well our own are doing.

But it is not only technologies, but also frameworks. Nowadays, these become less and less dependent on the underlying technology and more and more implemented as generic templates. This is really interesting as it forces us to think more abstract about how the problem should be solved rather than how the specific technology would solve it.

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