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Apache Tomcat Runtime environment installation in Eclipse

Sunday, April 11th, 2010

Recently while playing with vaadin I had the need for Apache Tomcat Runtime environment in my Eclipse installation.

The problem was, that when I created a new Dynamic Web Project, I didn’t have any Apache Tomcat target runtime installed. And when selecting: New… it would only show the Basic folder and no Apache.

It didn’t exist as default and following the tutorial on vaadin didn’t help. After looking around and wasting a lot of time I managed to get it installed in Eclipse like this:

1. Go to: Help -> Install New Software
2. Select (or add): “”
3. Check the following: “JST Server Adapters” (there are two)

Now the adapters are installed, but not configured. Configuration is like this:

4. Go to: Eclipse -> Preferences (I am on a Mac)
5. Select: Server -> Runtime Environment
6. Click: “Add…”
7. Select: Apache -> Apache Tomcat v6.0 (or choose the version you need)

And finally, when I create a Dynamic Web Project, I can click: New… and select the Tomcat Runtime I need.

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