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FOREX Trading Investments
TradeNovaFX is a RIA platform that enables FOREX investors to use automated trading without leaving the comfort of their browser. Using TradeNovaFX, investors can use the Marketplace to find and rent automated trading algorithms that execute automatic buy and sell orders through a FIX server developed by our team. Users can track the orders placed by the algorithms using the Trading Environment, or simply do manual trading. Orders can be created both on the Trading Environment or using Protrader, being sent to MBTrading through a FIX connection. Among other things, the platform also features a community with live chat enabling users to talk and share their experiences with the market. TradeNovaFX is expected to be launched on the first trimester of 2010.


Personal Finance Management
MoneyWize is a personal finance management RIA that works embedded and connected to existing online banking solutions, allowing users to have full control on their money and keep track of their expenses.

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Agile Project Managment
In today's reality, project requirements change so fast, that development teams need Agile methodologies like SCRUM to give proper response to clients.

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