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Personal Finance Management
MoneyWize is a personal finance management RIA that works embedded and connected to existing online banking solutions, allowing users to have full control on their money and keep track of their expenses.

After synchronizing statements with the online banking tools, MoneyWize allows users to categorize their expenses, learning with the user operations to enable smart automatic categorization. Users can then easily generate custom reports with charting showing with precision where they are spending their money. MoneyWize also features budgeting, automatic alerts and payments scheduling. It comes also with several simulators that analyse the financial situation of the user making smart suggestions to help the user improve his financial situation. The product supports multiple languages and the UI is completely costumizable, enabling custom branding either for national and international banks. MoneyWize is currently being negotiated with several portuguese banks so it can be offered to their clients as a new essential feature in their online banking solutions.


Agile Project Managment
In today's reality, project requirements change so fast, that development teams need Agile methodologies like SCRUM to give proper response to clients.

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Prudens Financial
Improving your finances
PRUDENS FINANCIAL is a advisory firm dedicated to serving your interests only.

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